The Rite of Spring shows

In the haze of pre-covid times, there was a plan to put on some full scale live performances of 'The Rite of Spring' meisterwerk around Beltane in 2021.

The corona chaos trashed all such plans! Rather than try and cobble something together, we have decided instead to stage these shows around Beltane in 2022.


The gigs are booked (We may look at squeezing one more in but don't want to dilute the brew!).These shows will feature additional musicians and backing vocalists to present the music in full, as it was written and conceived. There will be a projection show to spark the senses and we may incorporate some dance.

More information will be posted as the plans progress!


Davey Dodds and Friends Live at the 1865 June 2021 - Studiostead Photography


Rather than Let the Corona chaos dominate everything, Davey has been hard at work producing his masterwork 'The Rite of Spring'. Alongside a plethora of musicians the album was recorded across the country in studios, kitchens, offices and garages. A real labor of love that has turned out a superb career defining album for Davey. You can order you copy now from the Store

"I do like this album, it’s a polished production, happily mixing old and new, and you don’t have to be a druid, or a “pagan” or a folkie to enjoy it! Davey writes quite sparse but subtly mesmerising arrangements that are nevertheless able to capture the essence of the seasons as they traverse the earth, the band comprising some very talented musicians using a fascinating mix of electric instruments to weave a contemporary, hypnotic, almost ambient-rock feel."

RICHARD PROCTOR - Velvet Thunder

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