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The Rite of Spring

The Rite of Spring is a suite of linked songs and musical pieces.

It takes you through a Druidic Beltane ritual and culminates in a joyous, life affirming celebration. Davey Dodds rates this as his finest work. A veritable constellation of star musicians have contributed their talents and Rick Connolly, at Beehive Sounds, has woven all the threads together to produce a stunning album.

'I do like this album, it’s a polished production, happily mixing old and new, and you don’t have to be a druid, or a “pagan” or a folkie to enjoy it!' - Velvet Thunder

Track Listing:
1. Prelude

2. Summon the Tribe

3. The Elemental Circle

4. Sing the Sun

5. The Rite of Spring

6. Bridge

7. The Telling

8. Arwens 1

9.Hand in hand at the Rollrights

10.Arwens 2

11. Unwind the Circle

12. Light the Beltaine Fire

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Available from 17th of July.